Partners: Masaryk University (Faculty of Economics and Administration, Recetox), Statutory City of Brno, City of Oslo, University of Stavanger
Supplier consortium: Augur s.r.o., Bucek s.r.o., Transport Research Centre, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Ekotoxa, Envitech, Health Institute Ostrava

The objective of the call
- determination of air quality at the local or regional level through supported temporary (mobile) monitoring
- identification of the prevailing type of pollution, including the relevant concentrations and, where appropriate, identification of the source of this pollution

The key project objective
- is to map the immission load of selected pollutants in the air in the territory of Brno, including climatic conditions, through mobile and stationary measuring stations
- Subsequently, elaboration of the Action Plan for improvement of air quality in Brno with proposals of relevant measures for pollution reduction or mitigation of its consequences
- Identification of the prevailing type of pollution, from which it follows what needs to be the primary focus to make the measures as effective as possible

Project activities
A. Measurements by accredited mobile stations (measurements by vans equipped with accredited instruments)
B. Measurements by small mobile air quality sensors (a wearable device that measures dust particles)
C. data analysis (concentrations, pollution sources, etc.)
D. Addressing research questions, e.g. do you adapt your traffic behaviour according to your awareness of air pollution in different locations?
E. Update dispersion studies for individual pollutants
F. Draft Action Plan for improving air quality in Brno
G. SEA assessment for the Brno Air Quality Action Plan
H. Implementation of the Action Plan (approval by the city authorities)
I. Presentation and sharing of results

Issues addressed by the project
- What pollutants (pollutants) are monitored?
- How was the measurement in Brno, where did we measure, and what are the results?
- How are we responding to critical findings by implementing follow-up projects?
- What measures are proposed in the Action Plan for improving air quality in Brno based on the measurement results?
- How do we measure the personal burden of air pollution, or dust particles, in children attending primary schools in Brno?
- How do we involve schools and children in the air quality debate?
- What data on air quality in Brno can anyone see or work with?
- How are air quality issues dealt with within the Environmental Department of Brno City Council?

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