Measures proposed in the Action Plan

A Options for the transport sector

A.1 Traffic at rest

  • Resident parking
  • Parking lots, P+R systems
  • Development of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles and construction of filling stations for hydrogen cars

A.2 Development of public transport

  • Construction and reconstruction of tram and trolleybus lines
  • Construction and development of public transport interchanges and related infrastructure
  • Economic support (subsidies) for the operation of public transport
  • Environmentally friendly public transport - promoting the introduction and use of alternatively powered vehicles
  • Ensuring a high standard of public transport quality
  • Promotion of public transport as one of the possible alternatives to car transport

A.3 Implementation of the backbone network of capacity roads for car transport and other essential transport structures

  • Completion of the Brno Grand Ring Road and related roads
  • Implementation of other significant transport constructions in the territory of the city of Brno
  • Support for projects for the construction of high-capacity roads in the administration of superior territorial units, which lead to a reduction of air pollutants from traffic in the territory of the city of Brno

A.4 Troubleshooting spot problems on communication networks

A.5 Support for bicycle transport

A.6 Cleaning and maintenance

A.7 Reducing emissions from the operation of public vehicles and city organisations

B Measures for the field of heating and energy

B.1 1Urban energy concept

B.2 Support for the conversion of domestic heating systems - installation and use of new green and renewable sources

B.3 Increase operators' awareness of the impact of solid fuel combustion on air quality, the importance of proper maintenance and maintenance of sources, and the choice of fuel to be burned

B.4 Reducing the energy consumption of buildings managed or owned by MMB, SMB, and its organisations, developing energy management systems

B.5 Reconstruction and modernization of heat energy supply systems, their extension

C Measures for public spaces, buildings, and greenery

C.1 Establishment of new vegetation elements

C.2 Providing adequate space for the root ball of trees

C.3 Motivational programmes of the Statutory City of Brno aimed at the development of green spaces in the city

D Measures for agriculture, horticulture, and construction activities

D.1 Burning of garden materials

D.2 Limiting dust from construction activities

E Administrative instruments and measures

E.1 Effective control of compliance with the requirements imposed on operators of stationary sources by the Air Protection Act

E.2 Zoning and land-use planning, building permits

E.3 Explanation on the application for the issue and amendment of an integrated permit

E.4 Expressions in planning, construction, and building permit procedures and environmental impact assessments from the point of view of air protectioní

E.5 Air protection in public procurement

E.6 Evidence of unlisted sources of air pollution

F Information and other tools and measures

F.1 Education and awareness

F.2 Voluntary agreements with resource operators, demonstration projects

F.3 Updating the website

F.4 Operation and renewal of air quality monitoring

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